This meeting was attended by two Trustees of Victoria Community & Youth Center, two regular Volunteers, two local residents, one local labour councillor, and a representative from Six Town Housing.


Charity Update

Update over the last 18 months



CIO Update

Volunteers and Trustees

Community Center

Trust House



Update over the last 18 months.

Funding and raised beds.


Plans for the next month

Youth Club






Dean (Trustee) has informed the meeting that the charity has now paid the mortgage off and the charity now owns the building.

The charity has generated around £25,000 in funding over the last 18 months.

Mary (Labour Councillor) asked about the CIO status and clarity around the process.

Lynne (Six Town Housing) has offered to advertise for volunteers for the charity via Six Town Housing.

Community Center

Mary (Labour Councillor) expressed concern that the trust has left the building and the lack of provision in the local area as a result. Dean and David (Trustees) explained the reasoning behind the decision and assured that the gap in provision will be looked at and if possible, closed.

Dean (Trustee) explained that there will be improvements made to the entrance of the center and to one of the rooms, this will be in the form of decoration and painting.

Tenants and Residents Association

Mary (Labour Councillor) has spoken to the police and asked if we can host a daytime or weekend meeting with the police. Dean (Trustee) will contact the police to see if we can arrange a meeting.


The allotment has been running well over the last 18 months.

2 annual plant sales have taken place and have been successful.

2 further volunteers have started.

Lots of donations and food have gone to local people.

Persona has started to visit the allotment with their clients and now has people starting to visit on a regular basis to plant and grow vegetables.

There is an issue with installing the disabled toilet. An issue with drainage has arisen and united utilities are starting building work on 10th February 2022 to fix the issue.

Once the drains have been repaired the disabled toilet can be installed.

Wendy and Marlene (Volunteers) have purchased seeds and are starting to plant them On Saturday 12th February 2022.

Plans for the next plant sale have started and are hoping to hold it in May.

Mary (Labour Councillor) has enquired about chutney; Wendy will bring some to the next meeting.

Youth Club

4th of April reopening date.

Only 2 volunteers are available at this moment in time. More needed in order to open.

Any Other Business

Wendy (volunteer) has mentioned the bins outside the flats on Victoria flats.

Mary (Labour Councillor) has said that she will make inquiries.

David (Trustee) sent the councillors an email regarding paths and leaves being slippy around the estate. David (Trustee) received a response from Andrea Simpson (Labour Councillor) in November, but nothing has been done. Mary (Labour Councillor) has stated that she will make inquiries to the council.

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