TRA Meeting Notes 9/08/2022


Dean H
Marlene D
Naomi (STH)
Kim P (STH)
Kelly L
Emma F


Cllr Smith
Cllr Whitby
Cllr Noel
David L
Wendy N


Community Center Update

  • Partnership with Bury Adult Learning Center.
    • Some negotations are needed with BALC to arrange the timetable for September, there are some issues with tutor availability. However, the majority of courses are still going ahead.
  • Partnership with NHS CAMHS service
    • This is going well, small attendance for the first session but this is believed to grow over the next few weeks.
  • Funding Updates
    • Funding pot called the forge has been made available, this is for £10,000 each year for 3 years, we are going got apply for this, the deadline is 5th September.

Youth Club

  • DBS Checks
    • We have sent out DBS checking forms to all of our new volunteers, 2 out of 9 have completed their forms. This includes current trustees and volunteers. Each check is costing £12 but Six Town Housing have paid £200 towards the costings.
  • Volunteers.
    • Volunteer numbers have increased and the open evening was a good success with 5 further volunteers registering interest and starting to volunteer with the youth club.
  • Youth Club Management
    • The new software for youth club is almost ready to go live, it allows us to manage all aspects of children’s data online, this includes safeguarding details and communications with parents. We are hopeful to start registering children by the end of this week.
  • Safeguarding courses.
    • Courses have been sent out to new volunteers and for those current volunteers who want to help out at youth club. Each safeguarding course is costing £25 and is completed online.
  • Equipment and Funding
    • A funding opportunity for £3,000 has been identified through Six Town Housing. It is hoped to be successful in this to be able to purchase new equipment for the youth club. We have made enquiries to see if it is possible to obtain this before the start of youth club in September.
  • Entrance fee
    • The entrance fee of £1 has been finalised and this is what will be charged going forwards.


  • Potential hosepipe ban does not include allotments.
  • Plenty of Jams are available to purchase.
  • New volunteers
    • A number of new volunteers have started on the allotment.

Estate Issues

  • Six Town Housing – Neighbourhood Advisers – Attendance for TRA meetings
    • Disappointment from the TRA has been expressed at the decision for neighbourhood advisers to not attend TRA meetings in the future.
  • “RAGE” graffiti will be removed from around the estate, STH is looking into getting it removed.
  • Anti-social behaviour has been happening on Oxford Avenue.
  • Victoria Square Bins
    • Bury council have stated that are not enough bins for the flats but they are on a 2-week cycle.
    • No further action is going to be taken.
  • Big Skip day.
    • No update from the councillors about a skip day, this will be asked again at the next meeting in September.
  • VCYC access to noticeboards.
    • A key has been given to the TRA so we can keep it updated.

Six Town Housing

  • A walkabout on the estate has taken place.
    • 12 properties have been served notices because of the state of their gardens.
  • Mental health first aid course is available on Monday 15th August.
  • Discussions are taking place to have a surgery at the community center going forwards. An update will happen soon.

Councillor Update

  • No update from councillors as none were in attendance.


  • No points were raised.

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