Dean (Chair)
Cllr Smith

Chris (Onward Homes)
Jackie (Bury Council)


Cllr Whitby
Ronnie STH
Naomi STH


  • Presentation from Onward Homes in regards to development of homes on the Wheatfields site.
    • Presentation by Chris from Onward Homes and Jackie from Bury Council.
      • Issue regarding traffic has been raised, the proposal is to expand the entrance of the site.
      • The proposal is to widen and shrink the pavement areas in and around around the bottom of Victoria avenue to provide further parking and easier pedestrian access.
      • Question was asked regarding traffic lights at the top of victoria avenue near the beehive and whether a filter system would be viable. Both Onward homes and Bury Council said they would look in to the idea.
      • Contractors will park off site and walk to work.
      • Looking start early 2023 and to finish the build by March 2024.

  • Community Center Update
    • Partnership with Bury Adult Learning Center.
      • First courses started Monday 13th June providing English for Ukrainian nationals..
      • Agreement has been made between the charity and the Bury Adult Learning Center to provide courses from September to September.
    • Funding Opportunities.
      • Lottery funding has been submitted to refurbish the toilets and kitchen.
    • Center clearance.
      • Skip was hired and the building was cleared of old equipment.
      • There two further sofas that need to be removed at some point.
    • Remaining works for the building.
      • New front door.
      • New back door.
      • New wi-fi system.
      • New tables.
      • Further funding will be sought for these items.

  • Youth club
  • The start date is set for September if enough volunteers are found.
  • DBS Checks
    • Ongoing issue with STH in regards to DBS checks, we are awaiting further information before making a decision on the process going forward.
  • Volunteers.
    • Volunteer recruitment and open day to be hosted on 12th July 17:00 – 19:00.
    • Leaflets to be created and distributed advertising the day.
  • Safeguarding courses.
    • Courses have been identified funding needs to be found.

  • Allotment
  • £352 raised at the open day and sales went very well.
  • Raised beds have been planted.
  • Still having issues with United Utilities and further works are required.
    • Hopeful to have the issues repaired in the next few weeks.

  • Estate Issues
    • New houses on Victoria Avenue, development has come to a stop.
      • Cllr Smith to make enquiries on the development and why works are not progressing.
  • Victoria Square Bins
    • Cllr Smith has had the bins cleared 4 times.
    • A meeting is to be arranged with the management company of the flats.
  • Fly-tipping in ginnels.
    • Marlene has raised the issue again, she will contact STH to update.
    • STH have said they will contact Marlene to discuss further and be shown where the fly-tipping is.
  • VCYC access to noticeboards.
    • No decision has been made on access to the notice boards, STH are deciding whether to remove or repair and hand over the keys. A decision will be made soon.

  • Councilor Update
    • Besses band to play on Hamilton park on Saturday 15:00 – 17:00 entry is free.

  • A.O.B
    • No comments or questions noted.

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