Autumn – Winter 2020 Update

September and October saw an abundance of crops which we offered in exchange for donations. People as before could take as much as they needed and give whatever they could afford. All donations received are ploughed back into the allotment. Some of the produce has been turned into jams and chutneys which prove very popular. We grew some huge pumpkins and we donated one to the Personna Centre on Victoria Square which the clients there loved. We got a lovely Thankyou letter from them. It’s such a pity that the annual Whitefield Horticultural Shows were cancelled this year as am sure we would have won some more prizes with the bumper crops we produced.

November and December saw more produce/ sales and lots of clearing back ready for winter. We managed to grow a foot long parsnip. Huge marrows, leeks and pumpkins this year. It’s been a very strange year but productive. Under government guidelines to work the allotment has been a massive help for our volunteers to be able to carry on with almost some normality whilst still providing a great service for the community. Looking forward to the year ahead we hope to get many more volunteers and continue producing bumper crops and provide an escape for anyone that needs it.

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