Growing through COVID-19!

Even though the country was in lockdown. Government guidelines allowed Volunteers to tend to the allotment. Throughout our allotment activities, social distancing was practised and was classed as part of the daily exercise allowance.

We planted seeds in our polytunnel, and fruit trees in our mini orchard and prepared the ground for planting. Our daffodils and tulips which we planted in autumn last year looked fab. Many people passing commented through the gate on how nice they looked.

May has seen the lifting of some restrictions and the opening of garden centres. This gave us the go-ahead to start our plant sales. As people were out walking a lot more and the weather was so good we attracted a lot of attention. People were genuinely impressed with what we were doing and said they “didn’t realise we were here”.

In many ways, lockdown has done us some good because more people are aware of what we are doing and have said they will come back later on in the year for vegetables.

Everyone has said how impressed they were with our efforts and loved the fact that it was for the community. People have enjoyed being able to get plants by way of donations no matter how little it is and many have been very generous. So far we have raised £250.

June has seen our crops coming on great guns. We have a sea of onions and potatoes. Lots of garlic, carrots, runner beans, leeks, red cabbage, sprouts, tomatoes, sweet corn, and celery to name but a few.

These have all been grown from seed in our polytunnel. The fruit is coming on really well. Some of these products will be made into homemade jams and chutneys which alongside the products will all be available for sale.

Some will be donated to local charities. Our flower beds are looking good. We plan to eventually have a seating area here where people will be able to purchase products and have a cup of tea and even maybe a slice of cake!

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