Winter 2018 was a relatively mild and kind on the allotment and was certainly not as cold as years have gone by. This afforded the volunteers time to take stock of their project and plan for the next growing season.

In the first year of growing the volunteers started with 3 of the 8 plots being used, this year the plan was to expand this number. However, not being sure on how much they could take on, the volunteers did not commit to a specific number of plots and are going to see how the plan unfolds.

Early preparations started with the covering of all the plots on the allotment, this was done to kill off as many weeds as possible, a lot of the plots are currently very overgrown and are in desperate need of rotavating.

Once the winter had really set in there wasn’t too much for volunteers to do, except for the clearing of paths and general maintenance of the paths and access to the site, the new shed that was installed thanks to a £1000 donation was given a lick of water proof coating and it was well used by the volunteers to shield themselves from the cold winter months.

Earlier in the year, the community allotment was awarded £1500 by the pitch funding award. The community allotment group pitched for funding to build a poly tunnel on the allotment, this would allow the volunteers to successfully grow and harvest more produce each year.

Late winter brought the new installation of a poly tunnel on to the site, it started with the installation of the base on one of the plots.

Next, came the erection of the frame and installation of the covering.

Once, the job was complete a good cleaning of the inside of the poly tunnel was needed, the first plants were all so sewn.

Elsewhere on the allotment, the planting of new flowers was undertaken. The plan is to make entrance and area around the shed more welcoming.

That’s all for this quarter’s update, please be sure to check back soon for an update on our Spring adventures!

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