This meeting was attended by one Trustee of Victoria Community & Youth Center, four regular Volunteers, one local resident, four Greater Manchester Police Officers and a representative from Six Town Housing.


Community Center Updates

  • Improvement works
  • A local company has repainted the community center to be more neutral.
  • Two new artworks from a local artist have been completed and provides a fresh look for the community center.
  • A new sound system has been installed and interactive television to provide a workshop and education area, £2,500 of funding was provided by Onward homes.
  • 48 new chairs have been purchased with a £1,000 of funding coming from forever manchester and the Zuto fund.
  • The trustees are applying for a £10,000 grant to improve the toilets and kitchen area of the center, the hope is to reduce the footprint of the bathrooms and increase the kitchen area and install a commercial kitchen where education and qualifications can be obtained.
  • Workshops
  • The charity has recently provided its first workshop to the local community, focusing on knife crime the evening session was successful and was attended by a number of parents.
  • The plan is to deliver another workshop on substance abuse, it is hoped this will take place in June.

Youth Club

  • Start Date
  • The start date has been pushed back again due to a lack of volunteers, it is hoped that we will start towards June / July. A new date is to be determined based on volunteer recruitment.
  • Volunteers
  • A volunteer recruitment evening is to be arranged by the trustees. It is hoped to have people engage with the organisation to see what we are about and what we do. We are hopeful to get more people to help out at the youth club as a result.
  • DBS Checks
  • As with all new volunteers, we will need to carry out DBS checks. This comes at some considerable cost to the organisation.
  • STH are looking at funding the DBS checks for us and will contact us to confirm.
  • Safeguarding Courses
  • Trustees are looking at funding options for safeguarding courses for new volunteers. – This is ongoing.


  • Raised Beds
  • £1,000 of funding has been provided by Forever Manchester to install raised beds at the allotment. This has now been completed.
  • Persona adult day care services have been invited and attended the allotment giving service users the opportunity to get involved in growing plants and vegetables.
  • United Utilities
  • Ongoing repair work is being carried out by United Utilities on drainage around the allotment, this is causing considerable damage and will take some time to repair.
  • Open Day
  • Allotment open day will take place on Sunday 15th May, on the day a plant sale, garden bric-a-brac and allotment tour will be available for visitors.

Estate Issues

  • Victoria Court Bins
  • Multiple agencies such as STH and GMP have been in contact with the management company of the court regarding the bins and the environmental impact. However, they have been unsuccessful in obtaining a long term solution.
  • The TRA has agreed to email councillors and Bury Council Environmental health in order to come to a solution that suits all parties.
  • Potholes around the estate.
  • It was noted that the number of potholes on the roads of the estate has increased. However, there were no councillors available at the meeting. This will be brought up again in the next meeting.
  • Fly-tipping and rubbish around the estate.
  • Several residents have brought up issues with the number of fly-tipping incidents. STH will ask if the frequency of caretakers on the estate can be increased but will update at the next meeting if this can be done.
  • Residents are urged to contact Bury Council environmental health in the first instance of such issues around the local area.
  • VCYC Access to STH Information Boards
  • The TRA has requested access to the numerous notice boards around the estate, it is their wish to provide materials and information to the community through boards.
  • STH are going to check if it is possible to provide a set of keys or a process where the TRA can send information and have it displayed by STH.

Police Update

  • CCTV
  • Whitefield has been granted funding for a CCTV camera, this will be located at the bottom of Thatch Leach Lane near Besses o’ th’ Barn Metrolink stop around the MCColls shop area.
  • ASB
  • There has been a reduction in ASB around the area.
  • Motorbikes
  • There is increased activity of off-road bikes in the area. Police are requesting information on the location of bikers and their addresses. Please call Crimestoppers anonymously.
  • STH are looking to lock the ginnels on the estate again and the TRA will provide a community impact statement and signatures of those who support locking the ginnels.


Nothing has been added by the attendees.

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